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Restaurants and Grocery Stores

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Restaurants and Grocery Stores

You need to eat along the trail. In urban areas there’s no shortage of food. For example, in Georgetown (C&O 1) you can hardly throw a tire pump without hitting a restaurant. Here you don’t need our help to find food. There are also restaurants near most indoor lodging. On some stretches, though, food is hard to find, even a convenience store has groceries, and a pizza shop counts as a restaurant. Restaurants and groceries come and go, but it's useful to know which towns are likely to have something that will keep you from starving. For current, more detailed information see the Allegheny Trail Alliance websiteexternal%20link.

Trail, MP Town Restaurant Grocery Snacks
C&O 1 Georgetown Yes Yes Yes
C&O 3 Fletcher's Boat House Bethesda (4 mi) Bethesda (4 mi) Yes
C&O 15 Great Falls No No Yes
C&O 35 Whites Ferry Leesburg (5 mi) Leesburg (5 mi) Yes
C&O 48 Point of Rocks No Yes Yes
C&O 55 Brunswick Yes No No
C&O 60 Sandy Hook / Harpers Ferry Yes No Yes
C&O 73 Sharpsburg / Shepherdstown Yes Yes Yes
C&O 100 Williamsport Yes Yes Yes
C&O 124 Hancock Yes Yes Yes
C&O 141 Little Orleans Yes Yes Yes
C&O 156 Paw Paw Yes Yes Yes
C&O 167 Oldtown No Yes Yes
C&O 185 Cumberland Yes Yes Yes
GAP 15 Frostburg Yes Yes Yes
GAP 32 Meyersdale Yes Yes Yes
GAP 36 Garrett No No Yes
GAP 43 Rockwood Yes Yes Yes
GAP 62 Confluence Yes Yes Yes
GAP 72 Ohiopyle Yes Yes Yes
GAP 88 Connellsville Yes Yes Yes
GAP 92 Adelaide No No Yes
GAP 94 Dawson Yes No Across river
GAP 101 Layton No No Across river
GAP 110 Cedar Creek Park No No Yes
GAP 114 West Newton Yes Yes Yes
GAP 117 Sutersville Yes No Yes
GAP 120 Buena Vista No Yes Yes
GAP 128 Boston Yes Yes Yes
GAP 132 McKeesport Yes Yes Yes
TRHT Hazelwood Yes Yes Yes
TRHT Pittsburgh Yes Yes Yes

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