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Resources for Planning

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Resources for Planning

On-Line Information

The Allegheny Trail Alliance web site, has trail maps, lists of amenities and services along the trail.

The Yockatomac Trek web site has itineraries, trip reports and planning advice.

The Linking Up web site has the on-line version of this information. It gets updated before the book is updated.

Books and Maps

Information on purchasing these books is in our bookstore

FreeWheeling Easy in Western Pennsylvania by Mary Shaw and Roy Weil. A guide to over 46 traffic-free trails in Western Pennsylvania. Provides descriptions, maps, directions to trailheads, and information on local amenities. Currently (May 2007) out of print. New edition available Spring 2008 from Shaw-Weil Associates, 414 S Craig St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. $21+tax+s/h. Also available from

The Great Allegheny Passage Companion: A Guide to History & Heritage along the Trail from McKeesport to Meyersdale by Bill Metzger. Detailed annotations for the trail, plus essays on local and railroad history. Available from The Local History Company $19.95+tax+s/h (866-362-0789) and from

Great Little Walks in the Pittsburgh Area by Yvonne Merrill with Mary Shaw. Gives detailed information and maps on casual walks and short bike rides on the traffic-free Great Allegheny Passage and connecting trails. Available from Alleghany Trail Alliance, $7.95+tax+s/h (888-ATA-BIKE) and  from

Trail Book 2007. Provides information on businesses and services available along the trail. Available from Allegheny Trail Alliance, $5+tax+s/h (888-ATA-BIKE)

Towpath Guide to the C&O Canal by Thomas F. Hahn, available from C&O Canal visitor centers for $15+tax+s/h. Detailed description of the features along C&O Canal Towpath. Available from C&O Towpath Visitor centers.

The C&O Canal Companion by Mike High, Johns Hopkins University Press, $15.95+tax+s/h. More contemporary, but less detailed, than Hahn. Available  from .

Washington DC Regional Bike Map, by ADC (The Map People), 6440 General Green Way, Alexandria VA 22312. The 6th edition (2004) was $8.95. Map of DC area showing bike trails and on-road bike routes.

Linking Up: Planning Your Traffic-Free Bicycle Trip Between Pittsburgh PA and Washington DC by Mary Shaw and Roy Weil, maps by Bill Metzger. The book on which these web pages are based. It's a handier form for reference than these web pages -- a mere 2 ounces, lightweight and portable. You can order from the Allegheny Trail Alliance, 419 College Ave, Greensburg PA 15601 for $6.00 (includes tax, postage) or from

Emergency Phone Numbers

Occasionally something goes wrong, and you need to call for help. The standard emergency number in all areas along these trails is 911.

Cellular phone coverage is spotty along the trails. Nevertheless, if you have a cellular phone you might want to carry it in case of emergency. Your emergency might happen to take place in an area that does have service.

If you can find a willing friend who’s not joining you on the trip, give everyone that person’s telephone number as a message drop. If anyone who gets separated from the group and needs help can leave a message at this number. When the group notices that someone’s missing, they can call this number and ask for messages. If you do this with a fancy voicemail system or answering machine, be sure everyone knows how to use it.

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