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Directions for Road Detours between Southside Pittsburgh and McKeesport

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This is the Road Detours between Southside Pittsburgh and Waterfront Shopping Center, Homestead, Pa.

There is an official Allegheny Trail Alliance pageexternal link for Open and Closed sections.

To see other gaps in the trail between Pittsburgh PA and Washington DC go to the General Detour Page.

Between Southside Pittsburgh PA and Waterfront Shopping Center, Homestead, PA, (4.2 miles)

Note: State Route 837 is narrow, has no shoulders, and has high speed traffic. Picture below. Do not attempt to bike this route, unless you are a very experienced, have no fear of traffic and have a death wish. It is not for the faint of heart, or your typical scout group.

To be clear:  We do not recommend this route to bicyclists.  There is a lot of traffic on PA837.  Much of the time the shoulders are very sketchy. Much of the time there is not a parallel neighborhood street to escape to if the traffic is heavy. This route is not for the faint of heart, for the inexperienced, for anyone without excellent road riding skills, for anyone without a lot of experience in traffic. We have never ridden this route and it is on our personal list of places never to ride, even on a Sunday morning, or during the Steeler Super Bowl.

To help visualize where this is, the places encountered and trail distances between them are:
Starting in Pittsburgh it is 6 miles to Southside then 2 miles to the Waterfront/Homestead, then 14 miles to McKeesport then 4 miles to Boston. The segment from Southside to Waterfront Shopping Center, Homestead is not yet open to the public, so through-trips must detour on roads. Since this is near the end of the trail, we recommend that you start or end your trip in Homestead. The various routes between Southside and Homestead are narrow, no shoulders and high speed traffic.

Westbound Detours

Waterfront Shopping Center to Southside Pittsburgh(4.2 miles, all with heavy traffic)

Directions for driving:  Exit the Waterfront Shopping Center. There are three ways out. On Amity head away from the river two or three blocks, after the road bends right, turn left to stay on Amity Street. Do not go straight up the hill to the bridge. Cross the tracks and go three blocks to State Route 837. Turn right/west onto PA 837north. Follow PA837 north for 4.1 Miles to Hot Metal Street also know as 29th Street. Turn right onto Hot Metal Street. Just before crossing the trail and the river turn right on S Water street.  The trail is between S Water Street and the river. Once you are on the trail with your bike, face the river, turn left to head towards Pittsburgh.

Eastbound Detours

Southside Pittsburgh to Waterfront Shopping Center (4.2 miles, all with heavy traffic)

Directions for driving:  From the trail at 29th Street and the Hot Metal Bridge, head away from the river for two or three blocks. Turn left on E Carson Street, which is State Route 837. Follow State Route 837 for 4.1 miles to Homestead. Turn left on Amity Street towards the Waterfront shopping center. Park anywhere out of the way. Once you are on your bike, head for the river, turn right on the trail and continue towards Washington DC..

To show the quality of the road, below is a picture along the route. There is about three miles of road like this, with cars typically traveling 40 to 50 miles per hour. It is a heavily used connector/commuter route.

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