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Directions for Trail Detour Around the Paw Paw Tunnel

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East of Paw-Paw Tunnel (about 1.2 miles)

The gorge just east of Paw Paw Tunnel has steep sides. This winter (2012-2013) there was a landslide that blocked the trail. The Park Service then inspected the rest of the hillside and discovered several sections that were poised to landslide. As a result they have closed the gorge to the east side of the Paw Paw Tunnel. The trail will probably be closed through the summer (2013). One can still enter and pass through the tunnel from the west end, but the trail is blocked shortly past the east exit. The detour uses the Tunnel Hill Trail, which goes over the top of the mountain. The elevation change on the Tunnel Hill Trail is about 350 ft. (107 m) and has several steep sections. See the elevation profile.

elevation profile for the Tunnell Hill Trail
Distance is measured from the east end of the Tunnel Hill Trail

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Eastbound Detours

About 200 feet before the tunnel entrance the Tunnel Hill Trail descends a short distance on the right. It proceeds for about 200 feet in the flats, and then heads uphill.

Westbound Detours

Just before the gorge starts the Tunnel Hill Trail heads up the hill on the left side of the trail. Up is the operative word here. This section is the about the steepest upward section of the trail. The trail shortly becomes less steep as it winds its way up a ravine.


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