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Directions for Road Detours Around the Ohiopyle High Bridge

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This detour no longer necessary.

Ohiopyle High Bridge construction is complete.

However this page remains, in case there is a future trail disruption that requires the detour.

There is an official Allegheny Trail Alliance pageexternal link for Open and Closed sections.

To see other gaps in the trail between Pittsburgh PA and Washington DC got to the General Detour Page.

Between Ohiopyle, PA and Connellsville, PA, (16 miles)

Repair work to the High Bridge at Fern Cliff  in Ohiopyle State Park began Monday, January 9th 2006. The bridge will be closed Monday thru Friday for the duration of the project. The bridge will be open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic on Saturdays, Sundays and on all state holidays. The park hopes that the bridge will be reopened on June 30.

On April 12, 2006 the park office said:

"The high bridge expected date of completion is June 30, but due to the progress, the bridge is open most of the time -  it may be closed for a few hours at a time when they install bearings,  but that date has not been set yet.  For the most part, the bridge is open & passable most of the time."

"Bikers can travel the Great Gorge Trail to Kentuck Rd - then State Route 381 into Ohiopyle where you can pick up the other side of the bike trail."

From the State Park mapexternal link (PDF 583 KB) The Great Gorge Trail may go up and down 200 feet a couple of times of so. Check with the park for the current status of the construction. 1-724-329-8591

The road detour is 18.0 miles up and over several big hills. 

Eastbound Detours

Connellsville to Ohiopyle (18.0 Road Miles)

0.0 From the Connellsville park by the river, head  out the parking lot. if you are on Meason street, turn left onto a numbered street and go several blocks to State Rout 711. If you are on Front street continue to several blocks to State Route 711
   Turn right (West) on to State Route 711.go several blocks to the intersection with US Route 119.
   Turn left (South) onto State Route 119
0.2  go 3.6 miles to the top of the hill and shortly after the lanes come back together turn left on Dunbar Road
3.8 go 0.8 miles and follow the main road though Dunbar, where it changes name to Furnace Hill Rd
4.6  go 3.3 miles and bear left onto the Dunbar-Ohiopyle Rd.
7.9  go 4.1 miles and the road changes name to the Dunbar Road
12.0 go 2.5 miles to the Tee with Kentuck road and turn left
14.5 go 1.4 miles and make the obvious right turn to stay on Kentuck Road
15.9 go 1.3 miles to the tee with State Route 381 (Main Street), turn left
17.2 go 0.8 miles to just before the crossing the river turn into the Fern Cliff parking lot.
18.0 Exit the far end of the parking lot onto the trail and turn left across the river

Westbound Detours

Ohiopyle to Connellsville(18.0 Road Miles)

  on your bike, go past the visitor center/former railroad station and cross the river
 Exit the trail into the Fern Cliff parking lot
0.0 Exit the parking lot and turn right on State Route 311 South back across the river
  go 0.8 miles and turn right onto Kentuck Road
0.8 go 1.3 miles and make the obvious left turn to stay on Kentuck Road
2.1 go 1.4 miles and turn right onto Dunbar Road.
3.5 go 2.5 miles and bear left onto Dunbar-Ohiopyle Road 
6.0 go 4.1 miles and bear right onto Furnance Hill Road
10.1 go 3.3 miles and follow the main road though Dunbar, where it changes name to Dunbar Road
13.4 go 0.8 miles and turn right on US 119 North
14.2 go 3.6 miles to the bottom of the hill and turn right onto State Route 711
17.8 go 4 or 5 blocks and turn left onto the trail at third street.
18.0 go 2 blocks to the parking lot

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