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Directions for Road Detours between Frostburg and Woodcock Hollow

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This detour no longer necessary.

Trail is complete between Frostburg and Woodcock Hollow

However this page remains, in case there is a future trail disruption that requires the detour.

There is an official Allegheny Trail Alliance pageexternal link for Open and Closed sections.

To see other gaps in the trail between Pittsburgh PA and Washington DC go to the General Detour Page.

The 6 mile segment from Cumberland MD to Woodcock Hollow MD is not yet open to the public, so through-trips must detour on roads. To help visualize where this is, the places encountered and trail distances between them are: Starting in Cumberland at the Western Maryland Scenic Rail Road (WMSRR) Station it is 6 miles to Woodcock Hollow then 7.6 miles to Frostburg.

A portion of the bike trail along the Western Maryland Scenic RR from Woodcock Hollow to Frostburg was surfaced in 2005, the remaining section from Cumberland to Woodcock Hollow may be surfaced during 2006. Until this is done, you may take bikes on the train (warn them that you’re coming). We definitely recommend this alternative – the train ride is great, and the road ride isn't. Even so, it’s useful to know the road alternative. Note that on part of the leg you go north on a road called MD36 south. This is not an error, but a quirk of road naming. We road-checked this in May 2003.

Note: Most people who ride these trails are trying to avoid traffic; you won’t want to ride bikes on the detours, and we concur. However, some people will decide to bike the detours anyhow. If you do ride this detours, be careful, and wear your helmet. Be warned, a portion of this detour is on US 40 in the narrows. A very busy half mile with absolutely no shoulders and lots of high speed traffic.

Westbound Detours

Woodcock Hollow to Frostburg’s WMSRR station (13.6 miles)


Dist Directions for driving
  You may need to follow the directions from Cumberland to Woodcock Hollow.
0.0 From the trail crossing at Woodcock Hollow head briskly down hill on Woodcock Hollow Road.
0.2 Turn left onto MD36 north (Mt Savage Rd, elevation 1600’). There’s not much shoulder here
  Go straight as MD638 goes left (elevation 1480’)
  Bear left on New Hope Rd (elevation 1600’). Sugar Row Rd goes right here.
  Pass under trestle (elevation 1810’) \)
  Enter the parking lot and head up the switch backs to the Western Md Scenic Railroad Station  in Frostburg (elevation 1940’).

Eastbound Detours

Frostburg’s WMSRR station to Cumberland’s WMSRR station (13.4 miles)

Dist Directions for driving
0.0 Western Md Scenic Railroad Station (elevation 1940’). The trail starts across the tracks from the station. Follow the trail down the switch backs to the parking lot on on New Hope Rd (no sign)
0.2 Exit the parking lot and turn right (downhill)
0.2 Pass under trestle (elevation 1810’)
1.0 Turn right on MD36 north (Mt Savage Rd, elevation 1600’). There’s not much shoulder here
  Turn left on Woodcock Hollow Rd (elevation 1600’). You are now in for a bit of a climb
  As you cross the train tracks turn onto the trail (elevation 1810’)  Right (uphill) to head to Frostburg, left (downhill) to head to Cumberland (Trail to Cumberland not yet completed Spring 2006)

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