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Road Connection between Meyersdale and State Line

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This detour no longer necessary.

Trail is complete between Meyersdale and the State Line

However this page remains, in case there is a future trail disruption that requires the detour.

There is an official Allegheny Trail Alliance pageexternal link for Open and Closed sections.

The Allegheny Highlands Trail between Meyersdale and the State Line is almost all complete (Winter 2006). The only break is at Sand Patch where the trail crosses Scratch Hill Road.  There is a short temporary path around this gap. If for some reason the trail is blocked between Meyersdale and the State Line , you can use these directions.

Westbound Detours

State Line to Meyersdale(12.0 miles)

This is almost all downhill on paved roads, except for one short steep climb at Sand Patch. Best of all, there is almost no traffic on the roads. Some maps show Deal Rd (TR829) as SR2006, but we didn’t see any markers on the road until mile 5.7.

Dist Directions
0.0 MD/PA state line (elevation 2620’). For Mason-Dixon campground, turn left at 0.1 mi
0.15 Do not turn right on SR2011 (Flaugherty Run Rd, elevation 2600’)  In early April 2005 The road was under construction for the trail underpass.  There was a very deep ditch across the road where the trail will eventually pass under the road in a culvert.
?? Continue on SR2010 to the intersection with SR 2009 (Warrens Mill Road).  Turn right on SR2009
?? Follow SR2009.  About 100 yards after crossing the future trail turn left onto SR2006.
4.1 Bear left to remain on Deal Rd (possibly SR2006) at the Oak Ridge Rd (TR 712) intersection
5.7 Bear left at end of Deal Rd (TR829). It’s now definitely called SR2006
5.9 Go straight to remain on SR2006. Do not turn left on SR2009.
7.9 Sand Patch (elevation 2280’). Continue on SR2006, which curves right, bends left, crosses a bridge over the active rail line, and climbs 60’ to a T intersection
8.2 Turn left at the T, still on SR2006 (elevation 2340’)
9.8 Pass under the high Keystone Viaduct. The trail will eventually cross overhead
11.9 In Meyersdale SR2006 becomes Cherry St. Continue to stop sign. Turn right on Main St (SR2025) at T intersection (elevation 2040'), Immediately cross active RR tracks and climb two blocks to the. restored Western Md station
12.0 Turn left into parking lot just before restored Western Md station (elevation 2110')

Eastbound Detours

Meyersdale to State Line (12.0 miles)

This is almost all a steady but not steep climb on paved roads, with a short downhill at Sand Patch. The good news is that there is virtually no traffic on the roads. Maps show SR2006 continuing past Deal, but we didn’t see any signs past mile 6.3

Dist Directions
0.0 At the train station (elevation 2110'), turn right onto Main St.
0.1 Descend just past the active tracks to SR2006 (Cherry St) and turn left (elevation 2040')
2.1 Pass under the high Keystone Viaduct. The trail will eventually cross overhead
3.8 Turn right toward Sand Patch to remain on SR2006 (elevation 2340’)
4.1 Sand Patch (elevation 2280’). Bear left to stay on SR2006 where Miller Rd goes right
6.1 Go straight toward Wellersburg on SR2006
6.3 Turn right at stop sign Deal Rd (TR829), This may still be SR2006, but there’s no sign
8.1 Turn right in Deal, onto SR2009 (Warren Mill Rd). In about 100 yards, cross the RR grade on Old Deal Rd (elevation 2340’) Continue on SR2009
?? turn left on SR 2010.  Continue on SR 2010 for about 1.7 miles to the entrance for Mason-Dixon campground on the right
12.0 Continue on SR 2010 for about 0.1 miles to the MD/PA state line (elevation 2620’)

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